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people oriented, care the employees

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the company organized annual health examination
to guarantee the employees have a good health and implement the people oriented” management philosophy, the company organized the whole employees to do the annual health examination in the people's hospital of jiangyin city on december 11-13.
due to the influence of environment and other aspects and the hazy weather appeared frequently, the company arranged this health examination according to the actual situation. the main inspection items were liver function, biochemical examination, afp, cearadiance),thyroideachest radiographyb ultrasoundlivergallbladderspleenpancreas and both kidneys, electrocardiogram and all kinds of internal medicine and surgery routine examination. for female employee, gynecologic examination was specially added. 
to make the health examination go smoothly, the company specially arranged a person to communicate with the hospital, carefully select the examination items, arrange the schedule, organization of personnel, vehicle arrangement and announce the matters needing attention in health examination.
this health examination had many targeted items, which help employees know their health more comprehensively. some employees formulated fitness routine according to their own health. the company also called on all employees to strengthen physical exercise and improve physical fitness in order to ensure they can put into the work and life with health bodies and abundant energy to contribute to the enterprise development.