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hualan npm held employee health lecture

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    healthy is the basis for everything. without health body, everything is just empty words. in order to popularize variety of health knowledge among employees to help them know about their healthy situation correctly, the company organized an employee health lecture and thyroid knowledge lecture as well as a series of consulting activities. nearly a hundred of employees attended this activity.
    this activity specially invited the endocrinology department director and thyroid group leader tang of jiangyin people’s hospital to give a lecture. doctor tangwei made a subject introduction of thyroid knowledge concerning the physical examination of our company. director tang explained in details from knowing the thyroid, understanding the thyroid, discovery of the thyroid early symptom, choosing therapy method, prevention of thyroid and daily care. whereas some employees’ blood fat is very high viewing from the physical examination this, director tang explained the harm of hyperlipidaemia and offered proposal on the precaution, eating habits, exercise and other matters needing attention.
    after the lecture was finished, director tang answered employees’ questions patiently. this lecture was specially arranged after the physical examination in december 2013 and was the popularization of thyroid and hyperlipidemia knowledge. later, the company will hold all kinds of special health lectures to increase attention on employees’ mental and physical health and promote the comprehensive and health development of the enterprise.