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hualan npm 2014 excellent & ten years employees commendation conference

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     to commend 2014 excellent worker and another batch of older workers who has worked in hualan for ten years, at 9:30 a.m. on march 20, 2015, hualan npm and chongqing fuling branch office held 2014 excellent & ten years employees commendation video conference. the company chairman hua guoping, general manager hua yimin, yang julan, hua zhimin, zhao shijun, xiaofeng, jamil and otto, etc leaders attended the conference. the conference commended 2014 excellent employees, excellent job foremen, excellent managers and harmonious team and issued gold medals to old employees who had worked for ten years. the conference was full of ebullience atmosphere and each participant felt full positive energy.
      in the commendation meeting, the chairman hua guoping expressed congratulations to each excellent worker of this evaluation at first, expressed thanks to everyone’s contribution of the last year and hoped all employees take them as example, treat their work serious and create a good work atmosphere of excellence in competition and working with stamina and diligence in the whole company. after the prize-awarding ceremony started officially, the chairman hua guoping, general manager hua yimin, the company vice-president of sales, product manager and quality department manager issued honorary medals and bonus respectively. excellent workers, excellent job foremen and harmonious team representatives shared their acceptance speech and passed on their work experience and apperception.
     meanwhile, the conference issued gold medals to the second batch of old employees who had worked in hualan for ten years. the chairman hua guoping and the chairman of the labor union awarded memorial gold medals to everyone, thanking for their ten years of loyal accompanying and quiet giving. in future, the company will thank and reward a batch of newly generated ten years employees each year. thank everyone for growing with hualan.
     after the award ceremony, the company leaders and all awarded employees take group photos to mark the occasion, freeze-framing the smiling faces of this moment. at last, the general manager hua yimin made a summary speech, sighing with emotion that it was because of everyone’s giving that the company could stand higher and further and move towards internationally. he also hope all hualan people could work together to do their basic work well, share happiness and woe and create new high bravely.