the leaders of guangzhou baiyunshan pharmaceutical company limited came to hualan to carry out audit-ag九游会登录j9入口


the leaders of guangzhou baiyunshan pharmaceutical company limited came to hualan to carry out audit

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on march 26, 2015 our company ushered the honor of owning 35 items of domestic and foreign patents, it has successfully bred cefathiamidine which is the world's unique semi-synthetic cephalosporin independently developed by the chinese people and owns independent intellectual property rights, it has independently developed api and tablets of sildenafil citrate (commonly known as "viagra"), therefore, it has become the first enterprise which has obtained viagra "birth certificate" ; the independently researched and developed brand new cephalosporin compound, i.e., cephalosporin oxazine amidine, has obtained patent licensing certification by the united states and passed the quality audit of guangzhou baiyunshan pharmaceutical company limited which has obtained important new drug r & d special support of ministry of science and technology of the people's republic of china, our company has successfully passed this time of quality audit.
this time we are honored to invite the delegation of 3 people led by vice general manager in charge of quality in guangzhou baiyunshan group. accompanied by relevant leaders of our company, they carried out audit. the president of our company attended the first meeting and made an important speech. during this period, the two parties carried out technical exchanges, emphatically discussed the feedbacked terephthalamide compound problem, ultimately determined that we do this project in all our batches, and we shall reflect in the final report sheet, at the same time we shall provide to the partner.
during the one-day quality audit, they carried out audit on the warehousing system, production system, utility system and quality system. at the same time our company put forward some proposals, such as: imported raw materials and membrane, we should ask a series of chinese and english qualification information and information on test & verification that can't be carried out by our company. owing to the above requirements, our company has made further progress in the management of the suppliers. this time of quality audit work has laid solid foundation for future bilateral friendly cooperation.