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qilu pharmaceutical co., ltd came to audit our company

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    on november 27, 2015, our company welcomed qilu pharmaceutical co., ltd with fifty years development history to come to our company for quality audit.
    qilu mainly engages in development, production and sales of preparations and the bulk pharmaceutical chemicals treating tumour, heart and cerebral vessels, infection, diseases of the psychoneurotic system, respiratory system, digestive system and ophthalmic diseases. as of now, it has powder-injection, freeze-dried powder injection and small-volume injection, etc complete and reasonable product injection, which all apply the rubber stopper produced by our company. with a specialized marketing team, anti-infection, antineoplastic and anti cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, etc. products of qilu are highly recognized by clinic users and the product market share continues to increase rapidly. in addition to sales network all over the world, it also actively expand international market and its products are sold to europe, north america, south america and southeast asia, etc. places.
    the quality audit team imitates europe and america on-the-spot audit standard to audit our company for one day this time. during the quality audit, qilu spoke highly of our company’s hardware and software. meanwhile, it also audited our company’s warehousing system, utility system, qc laboratory and production technology process and put forward rationalization proposal, such as: add coordinate on the warehouse layout and paste r & d labels on the r & d equipment, etc.
    through communication of this quality audit, we have further understanding of domestic and foreign policies, laws and regulations. our company will work harder to lay basis for the close cooperation of both parties in future.