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fully authorize to improve organization efficiency

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to give full play to the talent of middle and senior managers, mobilize the initiative of employees to work and maintain and play organization overall advantage, on november 16, 2015, the company established authorization management system and held dedicated session for official authorization. this meeting was hosted by the chairman secretary hu jing. management above company job foreman attends the meeting.
in the authorization meeting, the chairman hua guoping issued certificate of authorization to each directors in person and made important speech. the chairman expressed the company would change the traditional managing model totally this time and hand the administration authority to each director in the authorization way in order to enable each department leader to fully play their own initiative and assess independently to the most in the limit of jurisdiction to realize survival of the fittest, put an end to any noncompliant and inexecutive, etc. behaviours, effectively improve department overall work efficiency, reduce cost and prevent management risk. at the same time, the chairman also expressed the rights co-existed with responsibilities. the company will assess the authorized competent leaders and apply the management way of appointing persons with ability, awarding contributors and demoting persons with default. hope the company can unite as one, understand each other and communicate much to wholeheartedly devote into work and serve each customer with heart.
this authorization is a new start of the company administrative system reform. the whole company highly-anticipates the new management system and believes everyone can transform and adapt to new management philosophy and method fast to make efforts for the faster and better development of the company.