even though the road of fighting against epidemic is long, we will work hard together to protect our homeland-ag九游会登录j9入口


even though the road of fighting against epidemic is long, we will work hard together to protect our homeland

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although things are difficult, as long as you stick to them, you will succeed one day

    coronavirus pandemic is rampant. facing the urgent customer orders, the company scientifically controls and immediately arranges closed production. front-line employees always work in three shifts. in order to ensure the smooth production and delivery of products, they have been fighting on the front line from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. and operate at full capacity.

    despite the shortage of manpower, we work and cooperate together on scientific division of labor and actively complement each other. everyone is versatile, thinking and working hard in one mind to promote the production progress with high quality and high standard, so as to ensure the timely delivery of orders!

"the most lovable persons" of hualan

    in order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention work and ensure the safety of the staff living in the factory, the town and enterprises worked together to fight against the epidemic. the staff stationed in the factory volunteered to go retrograde and set up a nucleic acid sampling team belonging to hualan. under the training and guidance of the shengang government, the sampling team have obtained professional nucleic acid test ability! here, we would like to thank the government leaders for their support and help!the sampling team is responsible for the daily nucleic acid test of employees in the factory, so as to build a safety defense line for workers who insist on working in the factory! it interprets the voluntary service spirit of "dedication, fraternal love and mutual assistance" with practical actions.

with faces deeply imprinted by protective masks,

wearing protective clothing soaked with sweat,

and continuously performing warm-heart stories·····

you, are "the most lovable persons" of hualan!

food and fodder should go ahead of troops and horses

    as the old saying goes: "food and fodder should go ahead of troops and horses". with the outbreak of this round of epidemic, hualan staff canteen is prepared to meet the challenge. from such aspects as strictly controlling food purchase, doing a good job in canteen disinfection and canceling the centralized dining, we will immediately carry out meal support during the epidemic prevention and control period, so that all on-the-job personnel can eat assured meals at the first time after being busy.

    every meal in the canteen enviroment shall be disinfected and sterilized in an all-round way. the kitchen utensils and tableware shall be carefully cleaned and strictly disinfected. the waste after meals shall be treated at the first time to ensure the safety & health of the dining environment and guarantee that everyone eats safely and healthily.

the epidemic is ruthless, but people are affectionate,

cook hualan flavor with heart and warm hualan stomach with love,

this team who silently dedicates delicious food every moment is really warm!

logistics services show the true love

    the task of fighting the epidemic is heavy, and it shows responsibility in front of the big exam. in this epidemic war, some people rushed ahead without fear; some people dedicated silently and guarded the rear. let's draw strength from these hualan devotees, forge ahead and strive to win the "double victories" of epidemic prevention & control and production & operation!

block & control — life cannot be blocked

    block & control, people can be blocked but life can not! let's see how hualan compatriots enjoy life and maintain health & vitality~

    in addition to the daily supplies provided by the company, everyone also supports each other for what we lack in the group; and meanwhile, in the spare time, we get together to make dumplings, celebrate festivals and have parties; in the evening, we go to the company's youth club to exercise & play ball games, and take up square dancing on the building rooftop. every scene records the warmth of hualan people's daily life.

heartfelt voice of employee

there is such a warm-heart dialogue during block and control production:

 liu jun     worker of vulcanization workshop

dear board chairman: during this epidemic period, i would like to say thanks to you and on behalf of my family. there are thousands of words in my heart. if i don't have job this month, my baby has no milk powder to eat and my house loan can't be repaid. in short, i will face many problems. as an employee of the company, i feel very warm and proud. thank you and wish your family happiness and health!

hua guoping    the founder

dear colleague liu jun: good morning. thank you for your love to hualan and loyalty to vocation. it is our bounden duty to create jobs and stable jobs for every hualan people and fulfill your remuneration on time. wish you happiness, good health and happy work.

dear colleagues:

    hualan is our common big family. she carries too much of our vision, hope and happiness. thank you for your cherish and care. you, each of employees is a valuable wealth of the company. let's create the brilliance of hualan tomorrow and share the achievements of our struggle together.

    i wish every employee to spend the years of passion in hualan, make great contributions & accomplish great tasks in health & happiness, and go to success with hualan.

greeting the dawn together

the whole jiangyin is about to be unblocked, and the victory of fighting coronavirus pandemic is in sight!

according to jiangyin public notice no. 53, shengang town restores normal production and living order!

we are already unblocked!

it is busy & full, warm & happy and real & good

in these 12 days of closed management,

i believe that the time we spent together

will become a beautiful memory in our life

let's use the camera to record this passionate true love!

there may be no superheroes in the world,

but it's just a little heat and a little light,

fireflies converge into a river of stars;

hualan keeps walking, and her original aspiration has not changed!